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Meet Daniella

Daniella May is running for the New York City Council, District 31. She is a Southeast Queens native, born at Queens Hospital to two immigrant parents from the Island of Jamaica. Her mom is a registered nurse and her father runs a car mechanic shop. She learned how to work hard and is ready to work hard for YOU.

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Daniella's Story.

Daniella went to P.S 52 in Jamaica, St. Claire’s in Rosedale, and Clara H Carlson in Elmont for elementary school. 


Daniella graduated from Martin Van Buren High School before going on to become a nurse where she started out in private-duty nursing with a home care provider. Soon after, she found her calling in plastic surgery.

Daniella worked with many of the best surgeons in New York, Long Island, and Westchester before things took a turn due to the pandemic.

Elective surgeries were canceled and work was hard to come by. That did not stand in the way of Daniella and her tenacious dedication to public service. She became a frontline worker, assisting with vaccination and testing facilities for the New York City Public School System, shelters of New York, the homeless, and NYCHA. Inclusive of her assistance with COVID-19 prevention, Daniella aided with Monkeypox vaccinations, wound care for the homeless, and most recently in the migrant program.

District 31 includes Averne, Far Rockaway, Brockville, Edgemere, Rosedale, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, and JFK Airport.

A major focus of Daniella is to have a level-one trauma center placed strategically in Far Rockaway. Life-threatening injuries would force local residents to have to travel more than 10 miles away, creating a deadly situation.

Infrastructure is also a challenge for District 31 which must be front and center.

Crime is on the rise and must be addressed thoroughly.

Daniella is running for City Council, District 31, to make things better and create a positive impact each and every day for all residents as they walk out of their houses and into the world to work, provide for their families, and live in a city we all love.

Daniella is running because she gets it. She has lived it. And she will represent all of District 31 because that is the community she loves. She was born and raised in the district and will fight for it every day moving forward.

Daniella is also passionate about increasing financial literacy within the communities she calls home. That is why she founded Agenda700, a nonprofit organization focused on educating the community on how to fix their credit and build good credit. Have you ever wanted to buy a house or condo, but have no credit or bad credit? Maybe you wanted to start a business, but require a loan to get you started. Disenfranchised communities struggle when credit becomes a barrier to success. Agenda 700 takes the difficulties of credit and puts the power back in the hands of the people. "If you knew better, you would do better," that is what Agenda700 does for the people and why Daniella is such a fierce advocate for positive change.



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